About Sonika

Sonika Asif is a Luxury, Business & Lifestyle blogger, and is the CRO of Luxe Godhead, a multi-million dollar spiritual business & consciousness school.

She carries the Luxury frequency and has worked with the biggest names in the new age spirituality industry, only to find out they didn’t carry the key to consciousness.

After 4 years of coaching and teaching traditional law of attraction methods and earning millions of dollars, she was invited to join the Leadership team, as the CRO of a brand new consciousness company: Luxe Godhead.

She helped create over $2M in just the first 10 months of the business.

Her own clients cumulatively created over $1M through their work with her.

Sonika has now created her very own luxury blog, A Little Luxe, where she discusses consciousness, recipes, decor and much more.

A Little Luxe is your gateway to the luxury frequency, and the behind-the-scenes life of a leader running a multi-million dollar spiritual business.

A Little Luxe: http://alittleluxe.blog
Luxe Godhead: http://luxegodhead.com